Put together a group of co-workers for friendly competition with other companies.

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Companies and organizations put together a group of employees, family members, and friends. Recruit as many members as possible - an award will be given to the company or organization with the largest participation.
Teams & Competitive Teams
A company or organization’s Team consists of employees, family, and friends. A Competitive Team consists of full-time employees that are picked after the event to compete for an industry category award. Please visit Awards for more information.
  • Designate a Captain - they will name the company Team on the Registration page.
  • Select method of payment during the registration process. If someone chooses to register or pay for more than one person select the number in the dropdown list.
  • Employees join the Team when they register.
  • Promote the event to fellow employees to grow your Team. Invite family and friends and after the event everyone can enjoy Chattanooga's largest office party.
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