Whether you are planning to race or walk the Corporate Challenge 5K, here are 4 eight-week training schedules designed to help you to the finish line. Choose the appropriate training plan depending on your fitness level and goal.

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Intermediate Runner Training Schedule

Intermediate Runner
An Intermediate Runner is one that is already running 3 to 5 times per week with a weekly mileage of 15 to 40 miles. The Intermediate Runner is thinking about taking their training and goals to the next level with specific race times they want to achieve, or longer distances they want to tackle.
  • Weekday runs have increased mileage to help build a stronger base.
  • Tempo runs are included to develop anaerobic threshold, necessary in a good 5K performance.
  • Interval training once a week to help improve speed.
  • If you miss a training day don't try to make it up. Continue your training schedule the next day!
8 Week Intermediate Runner Training Schedule
1 Rest 3mi run 1mi wu
1mi cd
3mi run Rest 3mi run 5mi run
2 Rest 3mi run 30 mn tempo run 3mi run Rest 3mi fst run
5mi run
3 Rest 3mi run 1mile wu
1mi cd
3mi run Rest 4mi run 6mi run
4 Rest 3mi run 35 mn tempo 3mi run Rest Rest Run a 5k
or your own
5 Rest 3mi run 1mi wu
1mi cd
3mi run Rest 4mi fst run
6mi run
6 Rest 3mi run 40 mn tempo
3mi run Rest 5mi run 7mi run
7 Rest 3mi run 1mi wu
1mi cd
3mi run Rest 5mi fast run 4mi run
8  Rest 3mi run 3mi slow 5K Race 15-30 mn run / walk Good Job! Rest