AFTER THE RACE Team Captains will choose the 4 fastest women for the women's team, the 4 fastest men for the men's team, and 2 women and 2 men for the mixed team.

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Teams Competition

Competitive Teams

Team Captains will determine who will be on the Competitive Team after the race. This gives the Captain time to choose the fastest Team members. Companies will compete against other companies in their industry, i.e. banking, health care, real estate, etc. Company Teams can consist of employees, family, and friends, only full time employees are allowed in the Team competition. Full time employees must have been employed a minimum of 3 months and work a minimum of 25 hours a week.

Types of Competitive Teams

There are 3 types of Teams, all consisting of 4 members – a women's Team, a men's Team, and a mixed Team consisting of 2 men and 2 women. Only employees are eligible to be on a competitive Team and an employee can only be on one Team. For example, a woman Team member cannot be on a female and a mixed Team. CEO's will have their own competition but can compete with one of the Teams.
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